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I’m always very excited when Madeleine asks me if I have time to swatch her new collection, because she always creates so unique polishes! The Shameless collection is inspired by the series Shameless (duh!) and offers 10 new shades for us. We have multichromes and jellies and crellies and glitters and flakies….basically we have everything. :)

Formulawise they’re not on the pigmented side, I needed 3 coats of all of them.

The Alibi

The Alibi is a grey/purple multichrome holo.


Chicago is a muted, darker red multichrome holo with some orange in it.

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess has a green holo jelly base, filled with gorgeous bronze/orange/gold/green flakies and turquoise glitter.

A Night To Remem…Wait, What?

A Night To Remem…Wait, What? is a purple holo with blue shimmer and multichrome flakies.

I Am A Storm

I Am Storm is a medium blue holo with multichrome flakies and green glitter.

I Only Miss Her When I’m Breathing

I Only Miss Her When I’m Beathing is a very light mint holo with the most amazing gold (and multichrome) flakies and gold glitter. *_*


Shameless is a crazy bright orange crelly with magenta glitters.

Strangers On A Train

Strangers On A Train is a slightly more muted orange with gold glitter.

The F Word

The F Word is a bright purple jelly with black and turquoise glitter and squares.

Tell Me You Need Me

Tell Me You Need Me is a light turquoise crelly with different sized pink and watermelon glitter.

The polishes are already available at Hypnotic Polish. How do you like them? :)

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