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The time of the year when the world becomes more beautiful because of some new  A-England polishes has come again. The Sargent’s Vision collection was inspired by John Singer Sargent’s oil painting ‘Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose’. Four shades were born from Adina’s imagination and talent, today let’s talk about them. I applied all 4 shades in two coats.

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose is az ethereal lilac-y blue – the kind of colour that wants to elude the eyes. The formula of the polish – actually of all three lighter shades – was a little streaky, a very unusual trait when it comes to A-England polishes.

Symphony In Blue And Silver

Symphony In Blue And Silver is a more saturated and a bit darked blue with some green sheen to it.

Symphony In Green And Gold

Symphony In Green And Gold has the exact shade of a honeydew – on the more pastely side. And it has a constant gold sheen, it looks like the sun is always shining on it. :)


Nocturne is an amazingly pigmented black with a deep red nuance – it’s so gorgeous! Such a vampy and sensual shade, I’m in love with it! <3 And it covers in one single coat.

I compared it to Bridal Veil – which suddenly seems kind of boring next to Nocturne. :D


And here they are once again:


I really like how there are three angelical shades in the collection and than BAM we have a vampy beauty as the perfect contrast. I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the lighter shades though, they were not as easy to apply as AE polishes usually are. But Nocturne is perfection in every way. <3

The collection is available at A-England, at Nailland, or at Hypnotic Polish.

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