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cirque_vice_2017_1YASS finally I’m here with the Cirque Colors Vice 2017 collection! :) Sorry for the delay guys, but I’m struggling with yet another virus….no matter how healthy I eat or how much I work out, every bored virus flying around finds me.

But luckily we have some crazy neon shades here that can cheer up everyone who needs it. :) We have six limited edition shades + a holo top coat, so let’s take a look at them. I applied all of them in 2 coats. The formula was amazing, they were just as easy to apply as Cirque cremes usually are. <3

Socialite (LE)

Socialite is a very bright (not neon though) light pink-lilac creme and it looks SO beautiful! I’m not a pink person – you know that, because I mention it every week -, but this one I loved immediately….

…mostly because it reminded me so much of piCture pOlish Dream. :):):) They are definitely not dupes, Dream is more on the lilac-y, colder side, but they are quite similar.

Game Over (LE)

And here comes the “blogger whining about photographing neons” part…..omg this polish is SO MUCH BRIGHTER in real life! It’s a neon red creme with some serious coral undertone, it’s sooooo pretty!!!

Extra (LE)

Extra is another eye-hurting neon, it’s the true orange highlighter pen shade on the nails, one that doesn’t need a white base to be crazy neon. 

extra_1 extra_2

One-Night Stand (LE)

One-Night Stand is a deep indigo creme, I wouldn’t call it a neon though. But since I’m a sucker for rich blues, so I’m in love with it too. :)

Here are some other bright blues that came to my mind. Don’t let yourself fool by the very visible nail line here and there, my nails are unusually long here (and actually right now I’m back to nubs again – I just can’t cope with long nails).


Fame (LE)

Fame is a neon turquoise/mint creme….I mean if a neon turquoise/mint can even exist. And although I have tons of turquoise cremes, I really loved this one too.

Here’s a little comparison with some other favourites. How come all of them look like must haves. :D


Kushy (LE)

Oh and don’t forget to drool about Kushy. A neon lime green creme, that is SO neon, it even looks neon on photos!!! And that’s a very rare thing my dears. *_* *_* *_*

We Trippy

An we have We Trippy like last year, a beautiful holo top coat, that doesn’t make the base any grayer. 

I really enjoyed the whole collection, but if I had to choose a favourite I’d say Kushy, Game Over and Extra are the real life changers here. I have never seen so perfect neons with such a great formula before.

I’ve already mentioned, but let me accentuate the fact that these polishes are limited edition. And I know that even I’ve had problems lately with everything being a LE, but let me just tell you a very short story: back in 2015 I missed the Vice 2015 collection and I’ve been regretting that ever since. That’s it, end of story, but it will never be a happy end. :(

The polishes are available at Cirque and stockists like Nailland.

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  • milesznagyorsi - 2017-06-16 - 10:53

    Jajj, hát ezek nagyon, nagyon…. 💞 mondjuk a rózsaszín annyira nekem sem a színvilágom, de a többi….hmmmm 😘ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-06-16 - 21:07

      Ezek kötelezőek nyárra, ha szereted a neonokat, egyszerűen fenomenálisak. *_* Mióta lereszeltem a körmeimet megint rövidre, csak ezek vannak rajtam. :DReplyCancel

      • milesznagyorsi - 2017-06-22 - 11:23

        Hát igen, de új macro obit is akarok venni, jógabérletet is kellene…, meg a teraszt is meg kéne csináltatni és az ILNP nyári kollekciójára is már elcsábultam….szóval being an adult is a bitch :D Még egy kicsit merengek rajta, hogy mi legyen :)ReplyCancel

  • Corri Szucs - 2017-06-17 - 00:45

    Finally! I’ve been hoping someone would compare High Roller and Fame so I could justify buying it! Love your swatches..they look amazing on you :)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-06-19 - 10:55

      Thank you! :) I’m glad that I could help! :)ReplyCancel

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