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Oh, how much it pains me to shoot flakies. :D My usual lamp setup kills anything with flakies and I always have a hard time finding natural lights. I hade to redo these Whats Up Nails flakie nails 3 times until I got ONE picture that I could approve. On a more optimistic note: now I can say that I have quite a deep knowledge about this product. :)

So these are loose multichrome flakies that come in a tiny jar. The jar contains 0,4 grams of product, which might not sound a lot, but believe me, you probably won’t be able to ever use them up. You have to be careful when applying though, because they start to fly around easily. I’m convinced that I have some of them multichroming around in my lungs – though I’m notoriously clumsy.

My shade is called Galaxy, it has purple, blue and green flakies. You don’t need anything special for the application, I mean if a fan brush doesn’t count as special. I applied one coat of Cirque Memento Mori, I waited until the polish was half dry, than I tapped the flakies on the surface of the nails with the brush. You can reach a more saturated look with your fingertips or with a sponge, but I wanted the base to peek through. Finally I applied one coat of top coat and I was good to go.


Actually I realised that I prefer the loose flakies to a flakie top coat, because my nails are very curvy and I have to be careful to not to apply too many coats of polish on it, otherwise it will look unbelievably thick. And with this method I can at least skip the clear base of a flakie topper – and that can be a game changer for me.

You can get these flakies HERE, but unfortunately they are quite pricy, they cost almost 23 USD.

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