Zoya – Wanderlust Summer 2017 vol. I.

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Zoya is launching 12 new shades for this summer, so I decided to show them in two parts. ….and to be completely honest, I haven’t even swatched the other 6 shades yet. :) So today we’ll talk about 4 cremes and 2 shimmers, I applied all of them in two coats.


The moss green shimmer Scout is a surprising choice for summer, but I’m really trying to forget my season-based preconceptions – since brands are already doing the same.

scout_2 scout_1


I really liked the olive green Arbor on my nails and the amazing Zoya creme quality made this experience even better.

arbor_1 arbor_2


Unfortunately I got the bottle of the strawberry red shimmer Journey cracked, but I managed to pour the polish in an empty bottle, so I could swatch it. Actually I don’t really like these type of shimmers, so karma knew loosing which shade would hurt me the least.

journey_3 journey_1


And now onto the more feminine cremes: Sonja is basically Journey without the shimmers, so yay!

sonja_2 sonja_1


Cora is a muted coral based on Zoya official, but it’s actually quite bright IRL. And gorgeous. Obvi.

cora_2 cora_1


Sawyer is the lightest of them all, it’s an orange-y peach, that is also much brighter in real life. The pastel kind of bright. Neon pastel maybe? You know the drill.

sawyer_2 sawyer_1

I made a gradient using the last 3 shades…


…then I applied one coat of F.U.N. Lacquer Gold Diamond Dust over it and stamped it with a fake watermarble pattern from What’s Up Nails.


I can only repeat myself: Zoya cremes are perfection. They apply easily and smoothly and I’m sure they would cover shorter nails in one single coat. And they’re perfect for gradients. I know that you can buy these kind of shades cheaper, but I only have these so I can only talk and – in this case – rave about these.

I always struggle at the end of Zoya posts, because here would come the “you can get them here and here” part, but if you want the latest Zoya shades, then you have mainly one choice which is the Zoya webshop. (Someone please do stg about thiiiiiiiis.)

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