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The newest Il Etait Un Vernis collection consists of 5 shades inspired by magical creatures. Unicorns, fairies, dragons, mermaids…etc. often serve as catalysts in the nail polish business, they are sort of cliché now. BUT – and it’s a big but – this time the colours aren’t our typical mermaid-y, fairy-like or unicorn-y shades, but something different, yet beautiful. Let’s take a closer look at them togther, shall we.

I applied all of them in 2 coats.

50% Sparkly, 50% Fairy Dust

50% Sparkly, 50% Fairy Dust is a silver foil polish with a tiny amount of holo in it. The big surprise was the application: it’s almost streak-less…I mean comparing to other silver foils. It was very easy to apply beautifully and it’s really opaque – perfect for stamping!

Let’s Be Mermaids

Let’s Be Mermaids has a jelly finish, that gives the plum/burgundy base a beautiful depth and it contains the tiniest, yet very sparkly holo particles. I really like how it’s inspired by mermaids, yet it’s still not green or teal or aqua, but a deep, more feminine shade.

My Unicorn Made Me Do It

My Unicorn Made Me Do It – first of all: let’s address the unicorn elephant in the room: this polish is orange. Who on earth thinks about orange when it comes to unicorns? Well, the answer is IEUV. So they created a gorgeous and very saturated orange, that’s actually more red in real life. And I love it so much. *_*

Keep Calm And Follow The Dragon

Keep Calm And Follow The Dragon is an a m a z i n g yellow….on me. It changes colour on different skintones, it can be a true chartreuse or even green on some people. But on me it was straight up yellow and I can’t get enough of it. *_* I’ve been wearing it like 4 times and I plan to wear it a ton. <3<3<3

To The Rainbow And Back

To the Rainbow and Back is a light blue – it’s actually my favourite summer colour, but I have so many similar polishes that I just don’t feel the love now.

As someone with lots and lots of nail polish, I’m always longing for unusual shades and IEUV always tends to my needs, they always have at least one shade in every collection, that is different from everything else. This yellow amazingness stole the show for me today, but the other 4 polishes look nice too. :)

The polishes are available HERE or at stockists, like NaillandNailmail or Hypnotic Polish.

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