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Wow wow wow! *_* These were my very sophisticated thoughts when I received the package with these babies from Femme Fatale. Three of my favourite bloggers with 9 beautiful shades, that’s just too much to handle. :)

The Oxymora Trio by Fashion Polish

The The Oxymora Trio was created by Sam from Fashion Polish, read more about the creation of her shades HERE.

Bare Embellishment

Bare Embellishment is a grey/beige with holo particles and microglitters and silver flakes. The office-friendliest FF ever. :) (3 coats)

Dusk Dazzle

Dusk Dazzle is a brownish mauve purple crelly with a red/copper shimmer and scattered holo flakes. (2 coats)

Shadow Radiance

Shadow Radiance is a grey crelly with red shimmer and red-green shifting flakies, which makes it look purple-y. It also has some holo particles and iridescent microglitters. Such a beautiful autumn shade. *_* (2 coats)


Things To Love Trio by Glitterfingersss

I’m not sure whether all of you know it, but Lexa and I are both from Hungary, so I’m always very excited when she gets a chance to create a nail polish. Well this time she could come up with a trio, so we are spoiled. :) HERE you can read more about her thoughts about the shades and the creative process.


Aquatic is basically a grey jelly polish, but it has so many blue glitters, shimmers and flakies in it, that sometimes itt looks full on blue. And it oviously also has holo glitters in it too. So beautiful! <3 (2 coats)

Aurora Borealis

After first shooting Aurora Borealis, I had to ask Lexa to send me some of her pics of it, because the colour just didn’t seem right on my screen. She gladly helped me out and that was when I realised that this is a thermo polish. Good job, Edina. :D So I reshot it (hence the pics with longer nails) and surprise, surprise, the colours checked out. :)

So this one is a light greenish blue (if warm) to dark blackened green (if cold) polish with iridescent orange-pink flakies and holo glitters. And it’s so unique! (2 coats – the thermo change will last for 6-12 months from production.)

Colour Crush

Colour Crush is a beautiful deep forest green crelly with amazing copper shine and gold/copper holo glitters. It also has some red-orange flakies. One of my favourite! (2 coats)

The Animal Lovers Trio by iLaeti

Laetitia is one of my favourite nail polish bloggers on Earth, so I was crazy happy to see her shades. She chose her love of animals as an inspiration, so that obviously made me love her and her trio even more. <3


Bear is an amazing chestnut brown full of gold holo microglitters and copper flakies. This is one of my favourite finishes ever. *_* (2 coats)

Flamingo Feather

Flamingo Feathers is a gorgeous rosy coral with a gold sheen and holo particles. Such a feminine, girly shade! (2 coats)

Cat’s Eye

And now let’s talk about my a b s o l u t e favourite of them all. I mean of all the nail polish ever. :D Cat’s Eye is a slightly jelly blue with green and gold shimmers that make the polish change its colour constantly. It has holo particles and holo glitters in it too. It is SO beautiful, I can’t even tell you. It glows on the nails and sparkles like crazy all the time. I just can’t. I’m in love. *_* And it’s very chip-proof, it lasted for 4 days without a chip even on me. Laetitia and Sophie made such an amazing job with this polish. *_* (2 coats + 2 coats of top coat to even out the surface)

Wow, so many different shades, so many beautiful polishes, so nice ladies with such talent! <3 You can shop these shades soon (end of August or beginning of September) at stockists, and don’t forget that they are LIMITED.  /o\

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  • Nail Crazinesss - 2017-08-09 - 07:22

    I must say that girls (and of course FF) really rock! Beautiful colors. Especially I’m in love with Color Crush and Cat’s Eye ♥ReplyCancel

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