Black + White Monday

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Things that a nail polish blogger owns tons of: nail polish remover (btw how come no one ever sends me nail polish remover – I’m SO ready to test some ;)), cotton pads, base coats, top coats and LOTS of black and white nail polishes. We need them for nail art mostly (not that I could nail art so much lately), so we need them to be perfect. And by perfect I mean: good consistency and amazing pigmentation. And the same applies to stamping polishes.

Today I’ll show you 3 black and 3 white polishes, all for different purposes.

Catrice – Milky Bay & Black To The Routes

The Catrice ICONails line is a very praised one, a lot of you love these polishes for their formula, opacity and longevity, so I decided to give a chance to the two most basic shades. I’m happy to report, that – though they don’t cover in 1 coat – they are very easy to use and they spread on the nails easily and quickly. I love using them and I reach for them a lot.

Live Love Polish – Linen & LBD

Live Love Polish has just recently launched their own nail polish line, starting with quite a few creme polishes. The white Linen covers in one thicker or two thinner coats and has an insane pigmentation. The black LBD only requires a single coat to be perfect.

Since they are so pigmented, I tried to stamp with them. With indisputable success. The stamping plates I used are from Powder Perfect. The one with the crowns and dragon scales is Kings & Castles and the one with the roses is Floral.

Twinkled T – Glow Up & Vibin’

These two Twinkled T polishes are officially stamping polishes, but they can be used as regular polishes too. They do cover in one easy coat, however I won’t use them as base, because they are very difficult to clean up. If you use a brush and some nail polish remover to make the edges at the cuticle perfect, the polishes will smear everywhere – both the white and the black. Just too much struggle.

But as stamping polishes, they are totally convincing, I can only recommend them. #thumbsup The plate is Powder Perfect 1980s.

So here we have some very good bases and some excellent stamping polishes – this Monday is quite nice to us so far. :) If you have any recommendations for black and/or white polishes that you use and love, feel free to share them in a comment! :)

The Powder Perfect plates were btw….wait for it…..perfect. :D But seriously, they were easy to use and they have fun patterns on them. :) They are available HERE or at stockists.

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  • Lotte - 2017-09-25 - 10:37

    Thank you for this comparison! :) I need to check out the Catrice polishes. My favorite black one-coater is Eternal by P2 drugstorewise and Iconoclastic by Takko Lacquer indiewise. With the color white I always have problems. Takko Lacquer Vice is good but gets thicker and thicker.

    Love, LotteReplyCancel

  • Nail Crazinesss - 2017-09-25 - 10:44

    White: Essence 33 Wild White Ways and Sally Hansen 300 White On.
    Black: Golden Rose Rich Color 35 or Catrice Black to the roots.
    They all are cheep and very good. When I’ll finish them I’ll probably try the new Catrice IcoNails line :)ReplyCancel

  • Naildith - 2017-09-25 - 11:32

    I own the two Catrice polishes and really like them. The brush and their formula make them easy to use. For stamping I always used the stamping polishes from Essence. Unfortunately they are discontinued :(ReplyCancel

  • ule - 2017-09-26 - 13:27

    I use Essence Black is back and Wild white ways, because they’re affordable and easy to get here.ReplyCancel

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