F.U.N. Lacquer – 4th Anniversary Collection

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Well F.U.N. Lacquer sure knows how to celebrate! For their 4th anniversary they’re launching 3 a m a z i n g multichrome magentic polishes. Yepp,you heard me just right: multichrome magnetics. To be honest I was quite sceptical about them, but not anymore to say the least. *_*

The trick is to apply them in not 1, not 2, but three coats and then use the magnet. If you follow these easy-peasy steps, then the polishes come alive and you will be amazed.


Harmony is a beautiful gold-brown-green-copper multichrome that will melt your heart. *_*


Incredible has a purple-magenta-gold-green shift – it’s almost too much to handle. *_*


Believe is a purple-blue-teal-green amazingness, I could wear this one for WEEKS. *_*

They all look so incredibly and amazingly beautiful that I just can’t even. They shine and shift like crazy, they are art on the nails. I can’t remember the last time I was THIS excited about new polishes. They are must haves for everyone who appreciates a good color-shift. Just ask yourself: are these the best thing that could ever happen to you? YES, yes, they are. *_*

F.U.N. Lacquer also sells a magnet for these polishes, that has two different ends: a bigger rectangular one and a tinier circle, that will be perfect for those with smaller nails:

They will be available from today at F.U.N. Lacquer and at stockists like Nailland and Hypnotic Polish.

I shot some videos of them that show even more the amazing shifts, I’ll try to post them later today on Instagram!

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