Moyra foil stamping

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So this is what happens when my husband buys a few cans of fake smoke for photoshoots and puts them on a shelf where even I can reach them. This is how the shooting of the Moyra foil stamping polish bottles turned into a Britney Spears video.

But what is this foil stamping thing, right? Well you already know what foil is and what stamping is – since both of them are awesome nail art techniques – and now Moyra combined them so we can easily create some even more awesome designs.

It’s actually very simple: you paint your nails with a base colour, let them dry, then stamp the nails with the black, white or silver Moyra foil stamping polish, wait 1-2 minutes and finally press the transfer foil on the nails. And voila, you have transfer foil patterns on your nails. It only has one step more than regular stamping and still you have such a new and exciting outcome! Just make sure to seal it with a water based top coat and you’re good to go and impress the world with your beautiful manicure.

Shooting this mani was quite problematic, beceause the white and the holo almost blinded my camera – this is why I’ve kept postponing this post for weeks now. But this technique is SO amazing, I had to show you anyway. :)

I ordered the Moyra foils stamping polishes from HERE, I’m sure you’ll find quite a few exciting things too in the webshop.

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  • Nail Crazinesss - 2017-09-11 - 13:28

    I’ve never heard about foil stamping. Result is really pretty! And the smoky picture is great :)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-09-20 - 09:14

      Thanks! :) This foil stamping was entirely new for me too, but it’s so much fun! :)ReplyCancel

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