Zoya – Party Girls vol. 1.

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What’s not to love about nail polish collections in the Holiday season, am I right? I mean if you appreciate some dark, vampy or sparkly shades. And good creams – because, you know, Zoya. Their Party Girls collection consists of 12 nail polishes: creams, pearls and metallics. Let’s start with the cooler shades.


Blake is a deep sapphire blue with a pearl finish and some golden sheen. (2 coats)


Delaney is a slightly multichrome, medium purple royal. (2 coats)


Kelsey is a bright, cerise pink. (2 coats)


Danielle is a darker periwinkle. (2 coats)


Isadora is a rich, magenta plum with a pearl finish. (2 coats)


Landon is a deeper aubergine. (2 coats)

My favourites from this part of the collection are Blake, Isadora and Danielle, but I gladly report that all of them have an amazing quality – as always. :)

You can buy the collection HERE.

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