Zoya – Party Girls vol. 2.

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Today here we have the other part of the Zoya Party Girls collection, let’s talk about the warmer shades this time.


Fallon is a very saturated violet magenta in a pearl finish. (2 coats)


Nadia is a sparkly, gingery gold metallic that can be used on its own or as a topper. It’s a quite interesting polish. (3 coats)


Solstice is an insanely bright sparkly coral/orange with gold shimmer. (2 coats)


Ming is a classic scarlet red cream. Sooooo different than any other Zoya reds. :D (2 coats)


Sheri is another midtoned garnet red cream. (2 coats)


Tawny is a deep, coppery rose sparkling metallic – that looks like Christmas. (2 coats)

These 6 are not really my cup of tea, but all of them have a good quality. You can get these shades HERE.

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