Femme Fatale x Live Love Polish – New Beginnings

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Let’s talk about the store exclusive Femme Fatale x Live Love Polish collection, New Begginings, very quickly. We’re in a rush, yes, because they are on sale right now and since they’re limited edition, you’ll have to get them until you can.

The collection consists of 6 thermal/thermo polishes that are perfect for winter. Since they all are warm sensitive, they become a different colour on you nails than in the bottle. And then the minute you leave your comfy and heated surroundings and go outside, cold will change them instantly – thermos are SO much fun, everyone should try them in my opinion. :)


Nightfall is a bluish white when warm that changes to a medium blue when cold. It has holo glitter and purple shimmer in it. (2 coats)

Below The Horizon

Below the Horizon is a pinky beige when warm that transitions into a warm pink when cold. It has golden flakes and holo glitter in it. (2 coats)

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun is a brigh cool pink on your nails, that turns into a royal purple when cold. (2 coats)

Dawn Of The Day

Dawn of the Day is light pink when warm and becomes a brighter, darker pink when cold. It has holo glitter in it. (2 coats)

Ashes To Dusk

Ashes to Dusk is a light blue on the nails and turns into a daker blue when cold. It has holo glitter and strong purple shimmer. (2 coats)


Morningtide should be a warmer light green on the nails, but no matter how I tried it just didn’t want to turn green on me. I seem to be the only one with this problem though, so maybe there was some problem with my bottle, who knows. When it got cold, it transitioned beautifully into the mauvy pink that it was supposed to. It has holo glitters and gold shimmer in it. (2 coats)

And it’s already out of stock which makes me think, that it must have been the most beautiful of all of them. Well yay for me. .D

I really REALLY enjoy thermo polishes, I think they are incredibly fun to wear. Treat yourselves for one – if you can – no matter the brand. <3

But if you love any (or all) of these specific FF ones, then head over to Live Love Polish immediately, so that you don’t miss out! The shades are 15% off now.

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