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First off I’d like you thank you all very much for all your best wishes! <3<3<3

It has been a couple of months since I haven’t checked in, so it was time to break some new info. I entered the third trimester, my belly is getting huuuuge and the baby is growing as he should be. Oh didn’t I mention it’s a “he”? :) Yepp, we’re having a baby boy. He’s always a little bigger than the average, so I’m a tiny bit concerned as to how he will come out, but let’s not rush ahead that much. :):)

This is me at weeks 20 vs. 30:

I remember peolpe telling me a couple of months ago how energetic they felt in their second trimester – and I’m now realizing that they probably meant that “opposed to the third trimester”. Because just recently I started to get really tired very soon, I’m heavy and I move as elegantly as a hangover tank. And of course clothes stopped fitting me, so I’ll be soon draping myself in bedsheets and call it fashion.

But besides the physical difficulties, it actually started to be fun to be pregnant, the baby is moving around all day and – thanks to my hormone levels – I find it very cute and less and less alien-like.

Considering my polish-life I’m back to enjoying painting my nails, sometimes I even “nail art”:

(Inspiration from Nina)

But most of the time I just paint them with a random beauty and enjoy that they are incredibly long and strong – my favourite pregnancy perk.

Live Love Polish – Girls Night Out

Cirque Colors – High Line + Fun – Diamond Dust

That’s all for now, my days usually consist of going to doctor appointments, looking for a new (bigger) place to live and elevating my swollen feet. Next time I think I’ll be back with some newborn pics and info, probably around the beginning of October. :)

Until then be good folks and tell me which polishes I should or have to buy, I’ve been a little out of the loop lately. :):)

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