Christmas in October

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Wow, I haven’t been here for a while now, have I? Well, things happened since then. Like HAPPENED. :):) So our little son, Noel, was born last October – hence the oh so witty post title, given that Noel means Christmas in French. Yepp, that’s it, that’s what my humour became after 5 months of being a mom.

Almost everything has changed in our lives, since he has been here. Paradigms, customs, beliefs, preferences – all of that, boom, changed. Everything has been different since then and yet everything is still the same.

But let’s not ramble and start a little earlier: there are some posts on the blog about me being pregnant, but I didn’t tell you about my third trimester. Well, it was perfectly fine, except the very last few weeks, but by then I was huge.

And from this huge belly a beautiful “little” boy of 4 kg arrived to this world exactly after 9 months of his conception. He was born with a C-section, because he was in a breech position until the last day.

Fortunately it was love at first sight – which I needed like crazy since I was SO afraid of being a mom. Basically all I had was fear and dread concerning what one has to do with a baby to keep it alive. But when I first saw him, I knew that no matter what happens, I’ll always do anything and more to take care of my precious son.

Taken about an hour after he was born. :)

We have heard a LOT of times that the first six weeks are the most difficult and well, they are not easy. But hour to hour, day to day you learn how life is with a baby and step by step, things just get easier. Not easy, easiER. :D

Fast forward to today Noel is already 5 months old. Five months of cuddles, kisses, crying, laughing, struggle and love, love, love.

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