Nope, it’s not over yet: we have some new piCture pOlish Christmas shades too to choose from! :) Holo Berries Holo Berries is a red jelly filled with scatter holo flakes and holo glitters. It covers in two coats even on long nails. This comparison pic made me fall for Bridget and Ruby/Columbia again. *_* Holo Night Holo Night will […]

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Aaaaaaaaand another Christmas collection! :) This time I’ll show you six new F.U.N. Lacquer shades and I’m very curious whether you’ll like them. I surprisingly fell for two that I originally had some concerns about, but let’s start from the beginning. Snow in the Rainbow Night The most rock’n roll shade of the collection, Snow in the Rainbow Night is […]

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PR sample Let’s continue our Christmas/Holiday extravaganza with the Zoya Enchanted collection. We have six shades and my mixed feelings about them. Mixed, because I just can’t figure out what to do with textured polishes anymore. It must have been over two years without them and I can’t say I missed them. I mean, we had a […]

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  • Naildith - 2016-11-30 - 10:24

    I think that this collection is very well put together. But I have to agree with the textured polishes. I used to love them. But now they annoy me whenever I wear them. But oohhh booyy, Olivera is gorgeous *-*such a unique color :)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2016-12-05 - 13:30

      I was hoping that I’m not alone with these feelings. :D
      And yes, Olivera is a big hit! <3ReplyCancel

Finally I managed to write this post – I couldn’t wait to show you the Colors by Llarowe Holiday 2016 collection! We have 8 polishes in this release – I welcome the tendency that some brands have fewer shades in their collections lately. 5 Rose Gold Rings Rose gold became such a popular colour (isn’t it Magical? ;)) that […]

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  • Ilaria - 2016-11-25 - 14:19

    Lovely collection, but to be honest not my cup of tea: the only ones that appeal to me are Belle de Louvaine, Twinking Lights and Pine Bough…if I wasn’t broke, I’d get those! :P

    My favorite Christmas polish is from the Danish indie maker Foxy Paws and it’s called Step into Christmas: not your standard holyday polish, but I love it!ReplyCancel

    • Ilaria - 2016-11-28 - 07:22

      *holiday – sorry!ReplyCancel

  • Alina - 2016-12-03 - 11:51

    Oh, Belle de Louvain really got me!
    Right now, I’m also totally into Flakies and Shimmer and Holo!
    So Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Santa LaRowe would be my second choice – it’s not really a christmas polish in my point of view, but as a blue lover it’s still super pretty :)

    My favorite holiday polish is really hard to tell – I think I would go for Nose so Bright by Polished for Days, red base filled with silver flakies! (:ReplyCancel

PR sample Today let’s continue with the ILNP New Year’s 2016 collection. We have six shades, all of them have a metallic finish and they are super sparkly. Arctic Lights Arctic Lights is from the ILNP Ultra Metallic line, it has a gorgeous icy blue shade. Or maybe “there’s a storm coming” winter sky shade. (2 coats) Copper Top Copper […]

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