It’s The Holo Hookup time again! :) Here they are now with the April box and the theme: Bucket List.   Glisten & Glow – A Little More Altitude A Little More Altitude is a light lilac holo with flashes of blue and purple shimmer and holo microglitters. Not my cup of tea – lilac is not […]

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  • ule - 2017-03-15 - 11:43

    Wow, the northern lights are out is one of the most gorgeous polishes I have ever seen.ReplyCancel

Today let’s talk about the other ILNP collection of this spring: the Color Kissed Ultra Holos. These polishes all have a base full with silver holo microflakes, but each of them has an iridescent, colour shifting overlay too. Due to the irridescence and the subtlety of the overlay colors these polishes sometimes look the same, […]

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Perspective usually helps to form an opinion, even if we don’t always realize that. But what do I mean by that? I mean that I swatch and swatch and swatch and – since I’m an NPA to my core – I love or at least try to love as many polishes as I can. But […]

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  • Lacquered Bits - 2017-03-02 - 16:37

    Edina, I totally agree with you about this brand being easy to apply, work with, photograph, well with everything. The brush is one of my favourite there is. Totally agree with youReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-03-06 - 09:59

      It’s so good to hear that you agree! :) I sometimes think that I’m too biased with them, but you reassured me, that I’m not. :DReplyCancel

  • Paula - 2017-03-02 - 21:01

    Beautiful Swatches, beautiful colours, beautiful collection :)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-03-06 - 09:59

      Thank you so much, Paula! :ReplyCancel

  • Frau von Farbe - 2017-03-06 - 13:05

    Your photos are superb as always! *_* IEUV has become one of my favs as well. The quality, the colors, the application… amazing! “It’s Showtime, Ladies!” is my favorite from the collection too, and I finally got to order it the other day ^_^ReplyCancel

  • Naildith - 2017-03-07 - 08:28

    I never tried this brand but I always thought that their collections are effortlessly beautiful. My favorite is “It’s Showtime, Ladies!” :)ReplyCancel

Everyone give it up for the new ILNP collection, yay! Let’s start with the Spring 2017 shades: we have 6 not very pigmented colours, but what they lack in opacity, they make it up in sparkle. Aria Aria is a not too saturated sky blue with the amazing ultra holo finish and some holo sparkle. […]

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  • Naildith - 2017-03-01 - 13:34

    Amazing swatches! Overall these are too sheer for me. But I really like Bermuda Breeze and Aria.ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-03-02 - 10:00

      Thank you so much! :) Yes, they are quite sheer, so you’d need patience for them, but it can be woth it! :)ReplyCancel

  • Paula - 2017-03-01 - 14:31

    <3 <3 OMG!!! These are so pretty!ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-03-02 - 10:00

      I’m so glad you like them! :)ReplyCancel