Catrice – Steel my heart

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I didn’t get around to check out the new Catrice polishes, because I was after the new Essence ones. Finally I got some of them too, the first is Steel my heart.

I didn’t like the photos of this polish, but in person I could feel it calling me. How not? This has an awesome purply-brown shade with lost of colourful shimmer.

It is a 2 coater max. After the applicatin I realised that it has some weird finish, so I reached for the bottle, which said: ‘Brushed metal effect’. So it is not weird, but special. Okay. Here’s a close-up:

I needed a top coat too, because I didn’t like the finish. Here it is with top coat:

But I don’t like it either way… :( I was planning to buy Steel my soul too, but I’ll skip it, for it has the same finish as this one. I can imagine someone to like it, but unfortunately it’s not me.

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