Souvenir nail polish from Greece + Essence Mr & Mrs Glitter

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I finally got around to try the new Essence top coat, Mr&Mrs Glitter. I just had to find the perfect base coat for it. :) It is a greek nail polish, brought to me by my parents frome Crete. My Mom succeeded to do the almost-impossible: she choose a nail polish colour that I didn’t already have.

It covers with 2 coats – as most polishes do. I rarely wear nail polishes with creme finish nowadays, I almost forgot how scratchy they can get.

I love and hate Mr&Mrs Glitter the same time. I love the colour of the glitters, but the application is a nightmare… The clear base is too runny, and the glitter concentration is very low. It is almost impossible to get enough glitter on the nails with the brush, I had to use a rosewood stick to place some more.

Meanwhile the glitters are sooo beautiful…

One can surely live without this polish, I really don’t know how often will I feel like using it again – it is just so much trouble.  :S But I will take pleasure by looking at it in the bottle…*_*

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