Flormar Duo 2x Chrome – DC05

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Yes, yes I’m back. I quit writing in English for quite a while now, because qTranslate had some glitches and I chose to forget to be bilingual when it started to work again at last.

But now, here I am. :)

Today it’s time for another Flormar duochrome polish with the oh-so-creative DC05 name on it. I swear I would buy much more Flormar polishes if they had more appealing names.

As you usually like when I compare different polishes with each other, I thought I will show you this Flormar one next to H&M’s Lady Luck. Not because they’re dupes, but for you to be able to see its colour better.

I must foresay that they’re not this shiny, most of the sparkliness is because of the LED lamp and the metallic finish, in real life they’re much less agleam.

However the shades are correct: the Flormar is a beautiful bluish green with a hint of olive. You know, the lively kind of olive. :D

It covers well with 2 coats, but tends to get streaky, so be careful with it.

I couldn’t capture the duochrome effect at its best, but you can see the turquoise sheen on the sides of the nails. When in the right kind of light, the whole nail turns to this shade.

Carmenesque has more photos of the different shades, check it out for more pictures.

I love these duochrome Flormars, even if I have to be more careful with them to avoid streakiness. They totally worth the patience. :)

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