Bourjois Ptyhin snake-like cracking top coat

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The new Bourjois crackle top coat was such a disappointment first time I used it that I almost didn’t give it another chance. Almost.

Because first time it didn’t crack. I mean it started to but not completely so the base coat didn’t appear. And I was counting on the pattern on the cap. :/

I couldn’t let it go so I started over. This is what I got:

It cracked. <3

As base coat I used the BeYu 361, which is a very pretty milky white shade.

But why did it crack this time? The answer to this question is the pump you can see on the first picture. This photographer essential tool can be very useful in my game too, because I realised that the polish cracks quicker and better if I blow on my nails. So I needed some professional help not to feel dizzy after a while.

1. I started with my index finger and I was blowing on it quite intensively, so it cracked.

2. With my middle finger I already changed to the pump and I had to be careful with that so that I don’t blow the polish itself away. Less blowing, less cracking.

3. Even less blowing, even less cracking.

4. No blowing….or at least a minimum amount of it, just because I was afraid that it won’t start to crack at all.

The second attempt was a significantly bigger success, even if the cracking pattern doesn’t come near the pattern promised on the cap.

Conclusion: I’m still not overly impressed with this polish. It dosn’t seem snake-like to me. Rather giraffe-like. And it is difficult to lure out the pattern. It’s fun to play with….but it’s way to exspensive to be a toy. :/

I think I’m done with these cracking polishes. All of them. I tried hard to like them and I almost succeeded, but ours wasn’t an eternal love.

Now I’m ready for the new nail polish trends. May there be as silly as they can. :)

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