OPI – Solitaire

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When I first saw the promo pictures of Solitaire, I knew I had to have it. I was impressed how gorgeous it looks, I never thought this kind of finish could look this elegant.

It’s a matte white with a little bit of satin sheen and some silver shimmer. It looks much more interesting once applied than in the bottle:

Two thicker coats might do as well – but I used 3 thin layers to get full opacity.

It stays put for a very long time – like all the other polishes with this kind of finish. I noticed one more thing: it can get dirty eventually, at least I managed to get some lipstick on it, which I couldn’t get off but with soap and water.

In total I love this polish very much. The matte effect makes it totally unlike compared to all the other sand-like polishes I’ve tried, it’s so much more different from the Lovely Baltic Sands’ sparkle or the Annys’ more subtle shine. And it will get even more beautiful with some tan.

First, I was a bit afraid to use it, because I thought it would be too much for the everyday work routine, but I realised that it blends in very well, given the fact that it does not shine. Simple, but special. I liked Pussy Galore and I LOVE Solitaire, so I “hope” that Honey Ryder won’t be even more beautiful, because I can’t say even better things about a polish than about this one.

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