OPI – You’re such a BudaPest

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When it went public that the new OPI Euro Centrale collection will have 3 Hungarian named polishes too, it wes evident that I will buy them. I thought that as a Hungarian nail polish blogger it is my duty to do that. Then…I realised that I don’t want to spend that much money on a red, a pink and a lilac nail polish. Perhaps if they were shimmery or liquid sand…

So I left it at that and when I got My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours from my fiancé, I was like, hey, I have at least one of them, I’m okay now.

Finally I did come to a compromise: I bought the mini set. It was the first time that it contained exactly those polishes I was curious about.

I planned to try You’re Such a BudaPest first, because I thought it’s not really my kind of colour, so I’ll take the picture and remove it, but it turned out elseways.

Because I liked it. I liked it very very much.

Once applied I realised that this light lilac isn’t just another boring pastel. The tiny silver shimmer so visible in the bottle doesn’t really transform onto the nails, but it doesn’t spoil the experience at all. This shade is just so interesting: it is very subtle and serene, but vibrates on the nails. I would say it’s almost as striking as some neon nail polishes. I don’t understand how.

But let’s talk about the flaws too. A lots of bloggers say that its a 2-coater, but I couldn’t get away with just two. I remained patchy and uneven. I needed that third coat just to even out the surface. So applying is a little time-consuming, but it’s worth it.

A litle interesting news: I think the mini bottles have a new kind of brush in them. I never liked buying these minis, because of their terrible little brushes, but this time it was something different, it looks like the brushes have gotten a little wider. Yay! :)

If I end up using this shade a lot, I will purhase the normal size bottle too I think, because it’s so pretty……or am I just overly biaised because of the name? :D

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