Flormar Icy Top – IT01

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So: Flormar, new collection, I couldn’t wait to try it, blahblah…..it seems like most of my recent posts starts this way. :D

As much as I liked the Iblack and white Icy Top, I didn’t know what to expect from this one. The IT02 was clearly a top coat, but this one was not so obvious…

It has a navy blue base with small and big white glitters and strands in it. I decided to consider it like a “usual” nail polish and applied it on my bare nails in two coats. This way I got a beautiful jelly sandwich….which doesn’t have a lot of coverage.

Though in real life I couldn’t see the nail line this obviously. You know that I can’t stand those polishes that don’t cover the nails entirely, but with this one I didn’t really care, because the glitters kept my eyes so busy, I didn’t even notice the VNL. It was easy to apply, the glitters glided on happily to my nails and didn’t want to stay on the brush incessantly.

I like this blue one a lot, I’m amazed by the jelly-glitter effect. I even went out to buy the red and the green ones too, but finally I changed my, I wasn’t sure that I would like them. :S

If anyone of you tried them already, the I would be very curious about your opinion. :)

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