Flormar Icy Top – IT02

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For my upmost pleasure I got yet another pack of polish to test from Flormar Hungary, so now I get to play with some of the most interesting polishes from their latest collections.

Unfortunately I’m about to go on holiday for the next week, so I can’t show you all of them before mid-August. But I couldn’t leave without showing you one polish at least, you know, for starter. :) Since I happened to have on a colourful creme mani, I applied one of my favourtites, Icy Top IT02, over it.

The topper is full of matte black and white glitter and matte white strands, so it is best to apply over some creme with colour, so that the bleck and the white glitters can show up. One coat was more than enough of it, I didn’t have to fish out the glitters, which is very fortunate, because I hate piling on layers and layers of glitter.

Since the Wet Look collection had wide brushes, I was thinking that all of the new Flormar polishes would come with them, but it isn’t the fact, they came with the old usual ones. They’re still okay, it’s just I would prefer the wider ones.

I like this polish very much, it’s so much fun, even if it’s just black and white.

So now I’m off to Balaton, but I will be back with the other Flormar polishes as soon as I get back. ;)

I almost can’t believe that the two neons come off this bright. :D

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