Golden Rose – Jolly Jewels 110

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Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels 110

Since I saw Netti’s post about this beautiful Golden Rose polish, I’ve been crazy about it, but I don’t like to order nail polish, so I had to skip it. So when I saw it in Helsinki I grabbed it in a second and promised to never let it go. :) I just LOVE these kind of unusual glitter polishes, and with its red and black glitters, it’s definitively an unusual one. ^^

golden rose jolly jewels 110

It’s so beautiful that before applying I was just staring at the bottle for minutes to see the glitters moving around in it. Yeah, I’m that easily amused. :D

When I started to apply it, I was a bit scared, because the first coat didn’t cover much, but after the second coat everything became more than okay. :)

golden rose jolly jewels 110

As Netti has already mentioned, it has to be applied carefully, because the glitters tend to stuck to each other, but if you don’t let them, then they will spread evenly on the surface. And once you’re done, everybody will keep staring at admiring your nails. :)

Top coat is obligatory this time, because otherwise the surface would be slightly scratchy.

golden rose jolly jewels 110

When you crave for a long time after something, sometimes, when you get that particular thing, you become disappointed, because you may have imagined that it’s going to be better than it actually is in reality. I was afraid that this would be exactly the case with this polish too, but it didn’t let me down, not even a bit – I like ot even more than i thought I would. :)

More pictures at Marcsi’s, she liked it very much too. :)

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