Helsinki Haul

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I usually don’t write personal or travel themed posts, but I just couldn’t let this Helsinki trip sink into oblivion without a word. :) So here’s a picture heavy, story-telling haul kind of post with squirrels.

A couple of years ago I have already been to Helsinki and I immediately fell in love with the city, with Finnish people with their food and coffee and I even tried to like the seagulls too. So when it turned out that I get to return there soon I couldn’t wait to breathe in the salty air, to eat their yummy salmon soup and to drink their awfully thin coffee. :)

The city itselt is absolutely beautiful, my favourite thing to do was sitting in the harbour staring at the gigantic ships while sipping on my coffee.

We visited all of the most important sights once again, so we were sitting on the stairs of the cathedral too, where the number of seagulls per capita is shockingly high:

He/she was my share of them:

Seagulls…brrrr. :/

Another thing you have to see when is Helsinki is Suomenlinna , the fort island. You can get there by ferry and it is really beautiful – especially in fall.

Such wonderful colours! Everything is so over-saturated when the sun’s shining. :)

My favourite cafe ever is to be found here too:

The perfect afternoon meal: coffee, ham and cheese pie with coleslaw and raspberry cake.

I bought some nail polish too, although Helsinki is reeeeaaally expensive. I found some Golden Rose polishes at a sell-out (thanks to Timi ;)):

They’re so freaking gorgeous! *_*

……and they will be available in Nailland too! ;) :D

And I found some other ones too here and there… ;)

How very small the Depend polish is, I was so surprised. o_O

And I finally got to cross some items out off my must have make-up list too, because it turned out that Seppälä carries Wet’n Wild eyeshadow palettes, so I had to buy Silent Treatment and Comfort Zone.

Here they are:

They are so pigmented! I knew they would be good quality, but I wasn’t prepared for these awesome products. :)

But above all what I most liked during our trip were the quirrels of Seurasaari, the island which has an open air museum, but that is visited by tourist mainly because of these cutsies. :D

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