Barry M – Atlantic Road

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Barry M - Atlantic RoadAfter my major disappointment in Ridley Road, I wasn’t so eager to try the next sand Barry M. Fortunately the colour of Atlantic Road convinced me, so I finally came across.

Barry M - Atlantic RoadAnd to my greatest surprise I liked it so much more than the mint one!  I guess it being a baby blue had a lot to do with my admiration, but you all know that if there’s a shade I like better than dark blue then it has to be light blue. :)

Barry M - Atlantic RoadQuality-wise it’s almost the same as Ridley Road, but it seems like it dries a little more quickly. I admit that it could be because I was prepared for the worse, but it really performed a little bit better. We know that everything’s relative, but believe me, nail polish is one of the most relative things int he world.

IMG_6371 Barry M - Atlantic RoadNow I have mixed feelings again, because I either judged the mint too harshly, or I ’m too biased against the blue. I think that can be only decided by an ombre mani, so stay tuned. ;)

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