China Glaze – Grass Is Lime Greener

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Oh, I wanted to show you this polish so much!!! Former reviews of Grass Is Lime Greener made me talk myself out of this polish, but fate wouldn’t let me exist without it, so I finally ended up getting one. All I had to do was to struggle it up on my nails. ;)


And there came the surprise, because it wasn’t a struggle at all! Of course, I was prepared for the worst, still I was so happy about it. ^^ I applied one thin + one thick coat and that was it, I was satisfied with how it looked like.


It dries to a semi-matte finish, which can be easily corrected with some top coat. And if you use Seche Vite, then even the surface will be….well….even. :)

China Glaze - Grass Is Lime Greener

The one thing I didn’t like about it was that it started chipping after one day. Like big time. 8 nails out of 10 were chipped after 24 hours and a hair wash. :/ And it was especially painful, because I wanted to wear it at least for one more day – which is very rare, but this shade is so mindblowing! I love it so much, I don’t want this summer ever to end (although I’m more of a winter person) so that I can use Grass Is Lime Greener over and over again.

I bought this beauty at Nailland Hungary.

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