piCture pOlish – Fool’s Gold, Unicorn, Forget Me Not and Sizzle

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Like every year piCture pOlish has released a few new blogger collaboration shades in 2014 too. I’m always very interested in these shades, because bloggers can be so innovative when creating them, that my mind is usually blown. The new shades that you are about to see are quite summery, but I like them a lot anyway. :)

All four of them cover perfectly with two coats and they are ridiculously easy to apply.


Fool’s Gold is by Sammy, the blogger of The Nailsaurus who is one of the most creative nail bloggers I’ve ever read. Her polish is a light blue with gold glitters and bolo flakes – a true happy and playful shade. Sunshine and poolside in a  bottle.

picture_polish_fools_gold-1 picture_polish_fools_gold-2 picture_polish_sizzle_front-1

Sizzle‘s creator is Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary. It’s a true neon pink spiced up with some holo dust (for not to be the same as Hot Lips I guess). It’s not very holo, but so so so bright! A true Barbie punk. Yes, punk. ;)

picture_polish_sizzle-1 picture_polish_sizzle-2 picture_polish_unicorn_front-1

Unicorn is one thing: cute. It’s just cute. Pink and silver glitters and silver mini flakes in a turquoise base – it’s just impossible to take this polish seriously. In a right way. But I guess that was the exact purpose of Allie from Brit Nails. When I’m wearing this polish, I feel like a 5 year old girl…chewing gum. :D


picture_polish_unicorn-2 picture_polish_forget_me_not_front-1

My favourite from the bunch is the blue one – of course. The most fortunate collab this year (for me) was with LacquertudeForget Me Not is a bright cobalt blue full of mini holo flakes. Om nom nom nom. As soon as I applied it, I knew that it was going to be an all time favourite for me. My mind is b-l-o-w-n. *_*

picture_polish_forget_me_not-1 picture_polish_forget_me_not-2

I love piCture pOlish for lots of reasons, but this blogger collaboration thing would sell me this brand even if it wasn’t this fantastic anyway. Marketing-wise it’s genial: good for PP, good for the bloggers and good for us. ;)

You can buy these shades now from Nailland Hungary.

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