piCture pOlish – Grace, Pandora, Eyre and Bette

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New PP shades, new PP shades!!!!! :):):):):):) Khm, well, so…

Four of the eight new piCture pOlish shades aren’t really new, but re-released famous Ozotic shades. Thank God. :)


Bette is a beautiful light blue leaning turquoise. And it’s full of holo flakes. I applied three coats, so that the colour be more intense…..and I love it so so so much! It’s incredibly gorgeous and very holo in direct sunlight. It reminds me of Ocean, which is good, since everything that is simulator to Ocean can only be beautiful.




Grace is a much more mild, it’s the perfect nude pink and oh so graceful. I used three coats of it too, being a very light shade, there was some visible nail line after two. It’s not that holo, but it doesn’t need to be, it’s gorgeous anyway. A true princess shade.

picture_polish_grace-5 picture_polish_grace-6 picture_polish_pandora_front-1

I would say that Pandora is my favourite, but all for them are so special, that it’s kind of impossible to choose. It covers perfectly with two coats, this deep purple is simply perfect. Though I guess it would be interesting to see it next to Zoya’s Aurora, hmmm…

picture_polish_pandora-1 picture_polish_pandora-2 picture_polish_eyre_front-1

The most interesting shade of all – for me – is Eyre. First of all: it’s blue. Secondly: it’s a dark blue. Moreover: it’s a holo. Aaaand it’s metallic also. It was love at first sight, the fact that it covered perfectly with two coats is only a bonus.

picture_polish_eyre-1 picture_polish_eyre-2

Finally, there’s all of them next to each other:


Wow. *_*

Seriously, can you choose a favourite?! :D I just can’t, although I’ve been looking at them for a while. I know, that I’m biased with PP polishes anyway (because they’re beautiful and perfect quality), but these ones are really really really something.

All four of them are now available at Nailland Hungary.

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