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I have to confess that the beauty of Whimsy didn’t quite catch me for a long time. I didn’t feel like Ishould like a polish that is this simple. I feel like – yet again – I’m a the victim of shopping mall lights, because had I not seen the sparkle of the flakies, I would have not buy this polish, but I had seen them. *_*

IMG_7532 IMG_7518

Once applied it’s impossible to tell where the polish starts and where the flakies end, they blend into each other so effortlessly! Depending on the angle and the intensity of the light that catches it, this polish can be bright or pastel, blue or turqoise – the one thing that’s constant is the cool gold sheen to it.


The quality of the polish is flawless – as always, it covers with two coats, easy to apply, although needs some top coat for the shine.

IMG_7525 picture polish whimsy

To be honest, I can’t tell if it’s a summery or a wintery kind of shade. In fact I suspect that it’s a little too wintery for summer and it will be too summery for winter. o_O However it has a beautiful colour and the iridecent flakies give it such an incredible depth! The lesson here for me is that every piCture pOlish is either a) an instant love, b) the kind of love that needs time to grow or c) Peacock (I don’t like it in the bottle, nor on the nails, nope, nope, nope).

Whimsy and I needed a little more time to fall in love than the usual, but now it’s on, we’re on and we will be. :)

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