Bershka – Glitter Fantasia

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I wouldn’t have thought that I’d use neon glitter again before next summer, but the weather has been so nice for the last couple of days that I couldn’t resist. I found this set in Bershka – it seems that sooner or later every fast fashion brand will launch its own make up and nail polish line. These three looked so cute nex to each other, I just had to have them. But if you take my advice, you won’t.


It’s not so easy to get a polish with neon glitters, so yeah, I was very happy to know that now you can find them in the next Bershka. And they’re not even expensive. So believe me, if I say that I wanted to love them, because I did. But I don’t. My first problem was the brush of the white one: it was useless, it was like painting my nails with a stick. I know that I just picked the wrong one, but still I had to go through a lot of struggle because of it. The other two though had a perfect brush, they were so easy to use! And the cap of the bottle is slightly texturized that makes the application even more comfortable.

Okay, no more avoiding, I have to talk about the quality of the polishes too. Here it is: they don’t cover evenly. Not after 3 coats. They can be tolerable with a generous coat of Seche Vite, but even that didn’t blend the glitters into the surface.

_MG_1433 Bershka - Glitter Fantasia

Maybe they would look better with some white/pink/lilac polish applied under them as a base, but I sure won’t try it.

So if you still like them, go and get them, because they are so affordable – comparing to ordering polishes like these from other indie brands. I’m disappointed in them, but I kind of  had too high hopes, I guess. Anyways, I couldn’t wait to get home and remove them. :/

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