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I’ve already shown you Zoya Remy, so today let’s see Sansa. I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, so I knew that I’d buy Sansa no matter what shade it was going to be. Seriously, I would have bought it anyway. But, lucky me, it turned out that Sansa really is beautiful, which I’m very happy about. Since Nailland also carries Moyra, I couldn’t miss the chance to buy one of their new polishes too, so here’s a comparison with Avril.


I’m not saying thet it’s impossible to detect which polish is on which nails, but it’s not that simple either. Zoya is on my index and ring finger, Moyra is on the other two. Of course I obviously say that their definitively not the same, but I know very well, that 9 person out of 10 would think that they are totally the same. And still it’s so clear to me that I prefer Sanse over Avril without any hesitation.

Why? Well, surely not just because it’s Zoya. You know that I love me too an affordable dupe. But in this case, this tiny little difference between these two polishes is huge for me, so I can’t say that they are dupes.


This difference is quite visible on the next picture: you can see that while Sansa is purple, Avrils is….well, brown. And you all know my relationship with brown: it’s non-existant. I just can’t make myself love this colour, no matter how hard I try. So all the beautiful flakes in Avril are in vain for me, I’ll always reach for Sansa instead.

Technical details: both of them have a very good quality, they cover with two coats and have a nice consistency.





Zoya -Sansa

The macro shots confirm it: Sansa contains way more purple flakes than Avril. So I can’t help it, I love Sansa more, even if it’s like 5 times more expensive than the other one. And though Avril’s not forme, I can’t not recommend it: aside from its “brownness”, it’s a pretty good polish – just not for me.

And there’s another potential dupe, specifically piCture pOlish Bewitch, but I couldn’t compare them, because I was finally able to resist a PP: even I don’t need 3 very very very similar polishes. :)

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  • Manases Andrea - 2014-10-16 - 14:38

    Fogalmam sem volt, hogy a Moyranak is van ennyire gyonyoru szeo koromlakkja. Alig varom, hogy az enyem legyen!ReplyCancel

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