Flormar – Compass

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This Flormar Genius Glitter polish isn’t very recent, but somehow I forgot to try it. #shameonme Of course I went for the blue one, but I needed this cold weather to really want to apply it.

Flormar - Compass

Because it’s the winter itself in a bottle! The cold, the snow, and crystallized ice on my nails. *_* I’m surprised that a sand polish can still impress me, but that’s what happened here.

Those of you who liked this summers’s Lovely Rio polishes will love Compass too. It covers with two coats, dries extremely quickly and is veeeery longlasting. It’s a pain to remove, but yeah, I guess that’s the price to pay for the sparkle. :)

IMG_0009 IMG_0013 IMG_0017

I was only starting to feel the “winter is coming” sutiation, but now all I want is snow! I want to drink mulled wine in the Christmas fair wearing my white wintercoat and this polish on my nails. Oh, gosh, let it be December already! <3

Availability: Nailland Hungary

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