Emily De Molly – Folklore

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I’ve been craving this polish for so long, that I almost can’t believe that I finally got it. I remember the first time I saw a swatch of it, I though that I couldn’t live without it. Since Emily De Molly polishes tend to be out of stock all the time, I had to wait some until I could purchase it, but finally Folklore became mine.


Aaaaaand this is the story of my biggest nail polish disappointment ever. :( Though it started so promising! Jelly base with loads of green glitters that sparkle blue, ah I was dying for this concept. But I for the love of anything can not make myself like this polish. It’s a huge no no no no for me.

I applied 3 coats of it and there was still not enough coverage. I wanted to see on my nails what Llarowe’s homepage promised, but it didn’t turn out even half as beautiful. It somehow looks so slimy, it makes me sick even just looking at it. :(

IMG_9984 IMG_9979


IMG_9982 IMG_9998

Okay, okay, if I want to be completely honest to myself I have to admit that Folklore isn’t that horrible, but I was hoping for something so much better and more, that now I’m sure I won’t use it for a couple of months. :/

Have you ever been in this kind of a situation? What was your biggest nail polish disappointment?

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