Zoya Storm – piCture pOlish Darcy

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I could still wear red and green polishes, but I guess that most of you wouldn’t, so I spare you of that and I show you some New Year’s Eve ideas instead. So here we have two holo flake polishes to compare: piCture pOlish Darcy vs. Zoya Storm.


I have to say that they are 98% identical: the only difference is that Darcy has slightly larger holo flakes and Storm is much more shiny on its own. Could you tell me – based on this – which polishes I have on which nails? I don’t think that that would be so obvious so I’ll tell you: I have Darcy on my index and ring finger and Darcy on my middle and little finger in 2 coats.

They both look much more holo in real life, but they still remain elegant…and this is why I could resist Dance Legend Gothic Veil, that one has too many flakes in it. :)

zoya_storm_pp_darcy_5 zoya_storm_pp_darcy_2 zoya_storm_pp_darcy_3 zoya_storm_pp_darcy_4

Somehow I like Storm a little bit more – even though Darcy was sent to me by piCture pOlish itself – because it’s simply more beautiful. I don’t really know why I feel like this, but somehow if I had to give up one of them, it would be Darcy, but never Storm. :)

Availability: Nailland Hungary


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