A-England – The Blessed Damozel

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While I’m waiting for the new A-England collection impatiently, Adina managed to sneak in an addition to the Heavenly Quotes polishes. The Blessed Damozel was inspired by a poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the polish has a gorgeous deep purple colour with metallic shimmer finish. It’s the kind of polish that almost glows from the inside.

Moreover it has a fantastic consistency, it’s super pigmented, covers in one coat and is perfect for stamping. It’s a tad thicker than other AE polishes I tried.


I felt  like trying to do a stamping decal nail art with it, though I have never succeeded with it before. I used Geomatrix plate from Pet’la Plate and Tristam, Fonteyn and Dancing With Nureyev from A-England.

  1. I picked up the design from the plate with the stamper (The Blessed Damozel) and filled out the triangles (using Tristam, Fonteyn and Dancing With Nureyev),
  2. I applied Fonteyn all over the whole design and let it dry,
  3. once it was dry, I carefully peeled the pattern off of the stamper, applied some base coat on my nails, then placed and pressed the pattern on my nails.
  4. I removed the access with scissors, nail polish remover, Q tips and a brush,
  5. finally I applied top coat over the design.


And voilá:


This technique seemed much more complicated in theory, than it was in practice, so I can’t wait to do it over and over again. :) I got The Blessed Damozel from Nailland Hungary for testing. They ship in the EU, so you can get your own at their website. :)

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