Colors by Llarowe – The Mighty Red Baron

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Colors by Llarowe polishes look so dull and almost undistinctive in their bottles, that every time I get to show a new one to my husband, he just looks at my smiling face and big, sparkly eyes and asks doubtfully: seriously? Is this what all that hype was about? And of course he has his doubts, because he has no clue that inside the bottle, you find this:


The Mighty Red Baron (TMBR) has almost become a legend lately and no wonder, who could not love this beauty?  So yes, it does worth the hype, the money, everything, because it GLOWS from the inside, which is a very rare quality to find in a nail polish.

Speaking of quality: it covers in two coats and it didn’t stain my nails even without a base coat, though I would advise to use one. I tried to stamp with white on it, but it was a total waste of time, because when I applied top coat over the manicure, TMRB stained the stamping pink. But these tiny details are all negligeable compared to the fact that it’s the sexiest polish I’ve ever owned.

cbl_the_mighty_red_baron_2 cbl_the_mighty_red_baron_3 cbl_the_mighty_red_baron_4

I tried to capture some of its inner glow too:


I could go on and on about this polish, or I could draw little hearts everywhere in the post, the main point stays the same: if you are a red polish lover, then you should definitely get TMRB, because it is meant for you. I had it for only two weeks now, but I already used it three times, which is kind of unbeliveable for me.

You can order it from Llarowe (USA) ot Hypnotic Polish (EU) and it costs $12 or €12.

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  • Rita - 2015-02-19 - 09:30

    Jaj de szép! Már IG-on is néztem, hogy mennyire jól néz ki, tényleg igazi belülről világítós. És olyan komoly pirosnak tűnik nekem, tényleg igazán nőiesnek. Mondjuk az ára miatt nem érzem, hogy szükségem lenne rá, talán elég nekem a Bridget. :) (Persze tudom hogy egyáltalán nem hasonlítanak, csak abban, hogy piros és világít.) Na de a másik felismerés, hogy olvastam a posztot, és észrevettem, hogy egyre kevésbé érdekelnek a piros lakkok… Ó, jaj, pedig régen piros lány voltam. És most szinte semmi. Durva! :OReplyCancel

  • MatMaja - 2015-02-19 - 19:21

    The sexiest polish you have ever had – it is a strong statement :) Does your husband think so either?
    Just kidding – I got it and I love it!ReplyCancel

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