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We have been waiting for so long for the new A-England collection and it is finally here! Though these 4 polishes have been launched in spring, all of them are quite dark. However it’s not that surprising from one of those brands that can create the best dark polishes ever.

Incense Burner


Incense Burner is a dark brown, leaning to burgundy with some gold in it. I usually don’t care for brown polishes, but Incense Burner makes me think of the hypnotic smell of sandalwood incense, so I’m totally sold. It covers in two coats and has the usual AE formule which is slightly on the thicker side and still easy to apply.

_MG_1732 _MG_1739



Jane Morris


An anthracite grey with a purple/blue sheen – the exact opposite of spring. It’s just as serious and gloomy as Jon Snow, but as we all know that winter is coming, the time of this shade will come too. It covers perfectly in one coat and stamps beautifully.

_MG_1611 _MG_1622 _MG_1627

Captive Goddess


Captive Goddess is one of the most interesting shades of….well, not just of this collection, but of every A-England polish ever made. It’s grey like Jane Morris, but lighter and much more holo. And unlike the other one, it’s not a harsh, but rather an ethereal shade. <3 It covers in two coats.

_MG_1654 _MG_1660 _MG_1656 _MG_1664




Proserpine is a breathtaking dark teal which I’m in love with – even though it’s full on spring outside. And no, it’s not at all like Saint George, so run and buy it, if you’re a teal lover too. :) It covers in one coat and perfect for stamping. <3

_MG_1685 _MG_1698 _MG_1693 _MG_1688 _MG_1704

I played around with them a little bit: I sponged a gradient with Captive Goddess and Proserpine, then I stamped over it with Moyou London Holy Shapes 08 and Mundo de Unas Light Gold.

_MG_2549 _MG_2564

So, yet again, Adina created a beautiful collection. Perfect quality and gorgeous shades – but that’s not all why I love this brand like crazy. It’s because they don’t follow trends, but consistently stay true to their own and unique style.

You can buy A-England polishes at their webshop or at Nailland Hungary.


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