Il Était Un Vernis – Hydrangea

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This week will be about very light posts, since my husband (hence the camera too) had to leave for a week unexpectedly and I didn’t really have time to prepare things in advance. So here we are with one nail art/one picture per post, where I explain how I did it. :)


So for this manicure I – obviously – used Il Était Un Vernis – Hydrangea which is a light blue polish with gorgeous, PP bijou holo-esque flakes. On my accent nails I stamped with Moyou Artist 13 and Mundo De Unas Light Gold over a white base.


This plate is one of my favourites,  although I’ve only been using the pattern in the upper left corner. Light Gold is also a big favourite of mine: since it’s not gold, nor silver, it goes well with everything. Then I filled some parts of the pattern with Hydrangea using a tiny brush. The makro lens is very strict, but with bare eyes it looked totally okay. :)

I hope you’ve already seen the brand’s latest collection, Sweet Bliss, lately I’ve been in love with these polishes: pictures here. You can order Il Était Un Vernis polishes from their official website or from Hypnotic Polish.

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