Purple galore with BPS, Rimmel and Colour Alike


I’ve been planning to write about the Chic Lace Born Pretty Store plate and now finally it’s here. When I decided to do a full purple manicure with some very delicate stamping, I knew that this plate will be perfect for it.


Colour Alike 571 and Rimmel Gowild-er-ness were meant for each other, and Mundo de Unas Fantasy makes the colour theme perfect.

I applied both purple in two coats and they covered perfectly. Even though they have a completely different finish, their application was like a dream. I haven’t been buying drugstore polishes for ages, but this Rimmel lilac was screaming my name from the shelves, I had to buy and apply it on my nails the soonest possible. If the other shades of the collection are as good as this one, then good job Rimmel!

The Colour Alike purple was a lovely surprise too, after the latest green fail, I was a little bit afraid, but this polish turned out to be perfect.


Unfortunately the macro lens is cruel, so you can see every little flaw of the stamping clearly, but it wasn’t the plate’s fault. The stamping polish, Mundo de Unas Fantasy, got tired a bit and became too thick – but of course this manicure needed this exact shade, so we tried to make do. :)


So the Colur Alike and Rimmel polishes are perfection, and the BPS plate has also become a favourite. Mundos need to be shaked for time to time, but at least I learned this lesson too. ;)

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