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I have never featured Cirque Colors polishes on the blog, however I like many of their shades. They’re famous for their holo polishes, I’m sure you’ve already seen lots of reviews about them on other blogs. And that’s about to get serious, now that Nailland is selling them too. ;) For now there’s a pre-order, but soon these gorgeous bottles will arrive and then…well, then #godsaveourmoney

With the latest The Meta Collection they broke the habits and created something new: 5 multichrome shades…..with tiny flakes. These miniture fakies give the polishes such a depth, I’ve never seen anything lik that before. I used two coats of every shade, they have a very good coverage, no need for a black base and they have a very good formula too. Let’s see the shades, shall we? :)

Some Great Reward


Some Great Reward is the most hardcore – for me. This almost unnatural colour shift makes or brakes it: instant love or hate in the first second.


I tried to compare them to some older shades, so here we have from left to right: Colour Alike – 537 H, Cirque – Some Great Reward and ILNP Bishop (H).


Techno Manifesto


Techno Manifesto is yet another perfect fall shade, it’s burgundy, gold and green, every colour of the falling leaves ina a bottle. It reminds me of ILNP The Road to Awe.

_MG_1793 _MG_1798 _MG_1805 _MG_1813 _MG_1824

From left to right: Dance Legend – Roz, Cirque – Techno Manifesto and ILNP Cameo.


Cabaret Voltaire


Cabaret Voltaire is the only one of them I don’t really like, something’s just wrong with the flakes in it. I couldn’t quite capture what, but it’s definitely different. And it shows the least colour-shift, the red and the orange are almost always overwhelmed by the purple.

_MG_1894 _MG_1900 _MG_1906

From left to right: ILNP – Undenied (H), Cirque – Cabaret Voltaire and then ILNP again.


Ghost in the Machine


My upmost favourite of the bunch is Ghost in the Machine. Green, teal, blue and purple – all of my beloved colours in one polish. <3 And the flakies! <3<3<3

_MG_1845 _MG_1859 _MG_1862 _MG_1865

From left to right: ILNP – Sirene (H), Cirque – Ghost in the Machine and ILNP again.


Version Infinity


Version Infinity is the other favourite of mine. It’s blue, purple and some red at the edges – I’m sold! :)

_MG_1932 _MG_1936 _MG_1948 _MG_1956 _MG_1968

From left to right: Dance Legend – Sulley, Cirque – Version Infinity and ILNP – Birefringence (H).


In the beginning I didn’t like multichrome polishes at all, they were streaky, they didn’t cover, most of the time they were a mass. Then lots of brands launched very good quality multichromes, so I started to really like them. Then they put holo in them, well, there fell the remains of my resistance. And Cirque put flakies in them. Flakies. *_* (And I wasn’t a big fan of flakies either…but that’s another story. ;))

So for multichrome fans (o/) they are must haves, for others they might not be so exciting (althought they are :D). The pre-order at Nailland starts today, what do you plan to get? What should I? :)


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