F.U.N. Lacquer – Christmas 2015 collection

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This year we see Christmas collections launch real soon, first, we have F.U.N. Lacquer. The collection consists of three multichrome and three holo multichrome polishes – the well-known Fun finishes.

The multichromes was kind of difficult to apply, they didn’t want to even out, so I had to use three coats of them. The holos have a better pigmentation, I could get them done with two coats.

Cheers To The Holidays


The first of the bunch is Cheers To The Holidays which has a burgundy-purple-blue shift to it. For me it really is christmasy, I was surprised how much I liked it. :)

_MG_7508_small _MG_7515_small _MG_7517_small _MG_7526_small

Cheers To The Holidays (H)


The holo version has the usual Fun glitters in it, which makes the polish quite festive. It’s like it has hundreds of tiny lanterns in it, I’m in love! *_*

_MG_7620 _MG_7628 _MG_7630 _MG_7623



Desires was another big surprise for me, because I realy liked it on my nails. So much that my heart almost broke when I had to remove it so that I could swatch the next one. :)

_MG_7527_small _MG_7540_small _MG_7543_small _MG_7531_small _MG_7548_small

Desires (H)


I don’t really like the holo version though… Somehow I just don’t feel it yet, which shouldn’t be a surprise since it’s still October. :)

_MG_7638 _MG_7650 _MG_7653 _MG_7644



Frost‘s dominant shade is blue, but we have quite a bit of purple too. I know, I keep repeating myself, but I liked this shade also so much more than I expected! :):)

_MG_7558_small _MG_7570_small _MG_7575_small _MG_7559_small _MG_7565_small

Frost (H)


And yes, the holo feels too much now. Ask me again in a month though, I’ll be probably head over heels for it then. :)

_MG_7599 _MG_7609 _MG_7611 _MG_7602

I have mixed feelings concerning this collection. I feel like I’m gonna really like them, but it’s just too early for me now. However 4 shades out of 6 already became very dear to me, so it’s quite a success I guess. :):) These shades launch next Saturday, you’ll be able to find them at Nailland or at Hypnotic Polish. :)

So is it only me, or you don’t feel Christmas either yet? I’m still trying to enjoy autumn to its fullest, so my head is full with fall shades. Let’s talk about these polishes again a couple of weeks later :)

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