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So let’s talk about Polished by KPT today. I have been longing for this brand for ages, but they’re not easy, if not impossible to get in Europe. Their own webshop doesn’t ship outside the US and their stockists have usually stock problems concerning the After 7 collection.

The collection consists of 7 shades, all of them are either purple or they have something purple in them. Actually I really like the idea of focusing on one colour with an entire collection, it’s risky, but very original. :)



Hypnotic is the only shade in this collection that I’m not a fan of. It has a blackened purple base with multichrome flakes in it.  (2 coater)

hypnotic_2 hypnotic_3 hypnotic_4

Dream Weaver


 Dream Weaver is the most purple of them, it has no tricks nor surprises, just a perfectly gorgeous purple holo. (2 coats)

dream_weaver_2 dream_weaver_3 dream_weaver_4



Oh, Selene, the most beautiful of them all. *_* I have never seen anything like it, it was love at first sight for me. *_* (2 coats)

selene_2 selene_3 selene_4



Solitude and the following Unspoken are quite similar, but Solitude leans more to blue. (2 coats)

solitude_2 solitude_3 solitude_4



And Unspoken has more of a warmer sheen to it. It’s the perfect sweater weather shade, when it’s chilly, but we can still see some sun here and there. :) (2 coats)

unspoken_2 unspoken_3 unspoken_4

Light It Up


Light It Up is a top coat, I applied it over black. Most of its glitters are obviously purple, but it has multichrome flakies in it too. I really like these type of polishes, because you can use them in dozens of different ways.

light_it_up_2 light_it_up_3 light_it_up_4



Nix could be easily Light It Up’s bluer version. It’s also a top coat and it’s just as multipurpose. :)

nix_2 nix_3 nix_4

Somehow I’ve forgotten to post these pictures for weeks, I don’t even understand why. Maybe my sub-conscious wanted to delay me, so that I don’t torture European girls with polishes that are hard to find. :/ However these 7 polishes are absolutely gorgeous and they have a perfect quality too, so they’re worth the effort to find them somehow. I’m sure that every one of you can find their favourite purple in this collection. Mine are definitely Selene, Unspoken and the two top coats. :)

So what do we think about Polished by KPT so far? :) And what do we think about brands that don’t ship to Europe? :/

UPDATE: So one of my lovely readers pointed out that international shipping is available if you order the whole collection. Yay….I guess? :/ :)

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