Colours by Llarowe – Winter Jellies/Crellies

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I know, I know, lately my posting schedule have been a mess, but I can’t help it. Once I’m ready with a post, I try to make it live, but then I have to pay attention to launching dates and pre-orders and whatnot, so just fyi I’m trying my best and all this craziness only results in more posts and not less – so I hope you doesn’t mind keeping track. :)

So, Colors by Llarowe. We’ve all seen, bought, loved and loved some more the Winter 2015 collection, now it’s time for some Winter Jellies and Crellies. Unlike the holos, these ones will stay in the core line (btw where’s the logic in disappeaing holos and core jellies? :D). But let’s see them, shall we.



Camo is my absolute favourite of the bunch, khaki is my kind of colour every fall/winter. Especially if it has a good queality and Camo is perfection. (2 coats)

camo_2 camo_3



Red is so not my colour, that I feel I have to mention it in every post about red polishes. :):) And that’s exatcly what I can write about reds, so that’s all I can say about Devilish too. Well, okay, so it’s a red that’s more on the orange side and requires 3 coats to cover any visible nail line.

devilish_2 devilish_3

Emerald Isle


 Emerald Isle is somewhere between teal and pine green and covers with two easy coats. If you feel like buying it, you won’t be disappointed.

emerald_isle_2 emerald_isle_3

Red-y Or Not


Another red, yay! :):) Red-y Or Not is a more blue toned red, but otherwise ut’s exactly like Devilish, only it has a little bit better coverage – I applied two coats, but it could have taken a third one too.

red_y_or_not_2 red_y_or_not_3



Regal is right up my alley looking at its colour. You can see two coats on my nails, without a top coat. It exaggerates the ridges on the nails, doesn’t cover the visible nail line and has a semi-matte finish. Actually you can buy way better blues with less money even in drugstores. You can say that I’m too strict, but when it comes to cremes/jellies – and mostyl if they’re not inexpensive – they have to rock my world and sweep me off of my feets, if they want me to love them. There’s an awfully harsh competition between cremes/jellies, so I’m less forgiving with quality problems is all.

regal_2 regal_3

Violet Haze


Violet Haze looked so dark in bottle, that I didn’t really understand first, why do we call a black polish like tihs. Fortunately, I haven’t been saying this concern of mine out lout….well, until now, because it is purple once applied on the nails. It’s a reeeeeally dark plum, that doesn’t cover in two coats.

violet_haze_2 violet_haze_3

Maybe I don’t seem to be crazy about this collection, Well, you’re right, I’m not. But only because I’m super-duper sensitive about more expensive polishes quality. I’m always ready to pay more, to get more like in the case of piCture pOlish or Bourjois La Laque cremes. But even Colors by Llarowe had wonderful creme shades earlier, for exemple in the summer collection. And yes, maybe my problem is only that these aren’t real cremes, but crellies/jellies, but I can’t help it, I’m just not someone to love visible nail lines.

And my rant is about the two greens, because they are flawless. :)

You can order these new shades from the Colors by Llarowe webshop – once they’ll be back in stock, they cost $6.

The Colors by Llarowe team made a video of the swatches, you can see it here:

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