Cupcake Polish – Berry Good Looking

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My infinite love for Cupcake Polish is no secret for you, because I can’t help but stress it out in every single post about this brand’s polishes. And yes, I love quite a few brands, but it’s rare that my enthousiasm lasts so long.

This is why I basically have no words to describe how much I’m amazed by Berry Good Looking. I’ve seen several pictures floating around on the Internet of this shade, but I always thought that it tricks the camera sensors and it isn’t this bright, so I always talked myself out of ordering it. But finally I gave up, I had to see it in person.

And what can I say…it’s really not that bright….it’s even brighter! *_*


Because Berry Good Looking really looks like this. *_* It’s such a mindblowing magenta-purple, I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’m speechless, let’s just look at the pictures, they tell everything. Ok, I do have some remarks: it has a nice quality and covers in two coats. :)

IMG_3496 IMG_3646 IMG_3647

It’s out of stock at the moment at Hypnotic Polish (€13), but that’s about to change soon. Until then it’s available at Cupcake Polish ($13) or at Color4Nails ($13).

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