F.U.N. Lacquer – Spring 2016

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The F.U.N. Lacquer Spring 2016 collection consists of 6 shades that are surprisingly bright and light compared to the brand’s usual colors. The finishes are very versatile: we have metallics, multichromes and flakies.

I applied two coats of every shade, but later I realized that I should have added one more here and there.

Rose Land

rose_land_6 rose_land_2

Rose Land is a ligh pink with a gold sheen, lots of silver flakes and some holo shimmer. It’s like a pink rainbow princess.

rose_land_4 rose_land_3

Treasure Me Tulips

treasure_me_tulips_7 treasure_me_tulips_3

For a darker and vampier type of pink we have Treasure Me Tulips. Its finish is metallic and slightly multichrome with holo glitters.

treasure_me_tulips_5 treasure_me_tulips_2

A Garden of Peonies

a_garden_of_peonies_7 a_garden_of_peonies_4

A Garden of Peonies somehow seems neon on the pictures, although it’s not – I don’t even understand how is that possible. It’s a coraly orange with tons of silver flakes.

a_garden_of_peonies_5 a_garden_of_peonies_2

Siberian Squill


Siberian Squill is a metallic-y multichrome that shifts from lilac to blue and it has lots and lots of holo glitters.

siberian_squill_3 siberian_squill_1 siberian_squill_2

Bachelor’s Button

bachelors_button_7 bachelors_button_3

Bachelor’s Button is also a multichrome, but this time the shift is from turquoise to blue with a little bit of purple. And we have the holo glitters too of course. :)

bachelors_button_2 bachelors_button_1

Spring Snowflake

spring_snowflake_7 spring_snowflake_3

The last shade is the golden green Spring Snowflake with its flakes and its adorable name.

spring_snowflake_4 spring_snowflake_2

The polishes launch on 5th March and they will be available at the F.U.N. Lacquer webshop or at the usual stockists. They will cost $11,50.

If you wonder why my tone lacks the usual F.U.N. excitment, it’s because I don’t really feel these polishes yet. Maybe I’m just not yet in my spring mood or I don’t know, but I do hope that at least you can already appreciate all this sparkle and fun. :)

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  • Naildith - 2016-02-22 - 09:06

    I understand your lack of excitement :) But I do like Bachelor’s Button and Spring Snowflake :)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2016-02-22 - 14:12

      I’m glad you like them more than I do (so far :D).ReplyCancel

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