ILNP – Spring 2016

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So two days ago I showed you the ILNP Spring Jelly collection, now it’s time for the Spring collection. We have 7 polishes with all kinds of finishes, so there’s real good chance that most of you will find something you like. :)

Apricot Cream


Let’s start with the nude ones. One of them is Apricot Cream. It’s base is a very pale peach and it has tiny little gold micro flakes and even tinier holo shimmer in it. It’s the perfect “exciting nude” – I mean, if something like that exists. :) (2 coats)

_MG_1556 _MG_1547 _MG_1541 _MG_1543

Daisy Jane


Daisy Jane is a much cooler nude(-ish), it has a baby pink base with holo micro flakes. I’m really happy to see that ILNP made sure that everyone can find their favourite nude: we have these two beauties and there’s Sweet Pea and Sandy Baby from the jelly collection as well. :) (2 coats)

_MG_1524 _MG_1519 _MG_1514 _MG_1516

Deja Vu


Deja Vu has a very tricky shade: it’s sometimes blue, sometimes lilac – a true periwinkle. But one thing is sure, it always has a gorgeous linear holo effect. (2 coats)

_MG_0684 _MG_0679 _MG_0681



I’m a HUGE fan of the ILNP Ultra Holo finish, so you can imagine how excited I am, that now we have a blue one too. Skyscraper shines like crazy and has a very intense holo effect even in dull light. (2 coats)

_MG_0672 _MG_0663 _MG_0666

Rolling Hills


The Ultra Metallic finish is not really my thing, but even then I can see that Rolling Hills is a stunning polish. :) (I’m wearing three coats, but only because the macro lens can see everything – you can get away with two coats easily.)

_MG_0728 _MG_0731 _MG_0721 _MG_0723

Bulletproof Symphony


Bulletproof Symphony has that same not-really-blue-but-not-purple shade that makes wearing this polish really excting, you’ll probably never get bored of it. :) (3 coats – but only for the same reasons as in the case of the previous polish ;))

_MG_1590 _MG_1583 _MG_1579 _MG_1577



The ILNP flakie polishes (the Ultra Chrome Flakies) have a very special spot in my heart – and luckily this spot gets bigger and bigger with every collection. The latest addition to this party is Mayfield, it has so many colours in it! Purple, pink, green, turquoise and orange – I’m sold. :)

_MG_1571 _MG_1568 _MG_1561

I always repeat myself when it comes to ILNP, but I still have the same opinion, I feel that we are spoiled by them every time they release a new collection: they just offer such a variety of polishes! And they always come up with their own special finishes, which is not that common in the indie nail polish industry. I feel a little sad that this time they didn’t release any multichromes, but other than that I’m IN LOVE with these collections. <3

You can pre-order these polishes between March 11-15 with 10% discount at ILNP, or at stockists like Nailland or Hypnotic Polish. So, what are your picks? ;)

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