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I’ve never talked about Delush Polish on the blog, but now is the time to start. :) Their High & Mightea collection consists of 14 polishes, 7 crellies with glitters and 7 shimmery ones. I only swatched half of the collection, since bigger glitters unfortunatley look awful on me.

The shades were inspired by everything tea related – I really really like this theme, it’s so refreshing (pun-intended, sorry :D)! Some of the shade names have funny name allegories, fell free to help me out if I missed any. :) The brand started to sell their stamping plates too, I used two of them to create manis with every shade. You’ll find a stamping at the end of every slider. :)

Beam Me Up Biscotti

The collection has two very girly shades, one of them is Beam Me Up Biscotti, a pale nudish pink with rose gold flakies. It’s name will surely ring a bell for every Star Trek fan out there: Captain Kirk’s famous “Beam Me Up, Scotty!” is a classic. (2 coats, stamping plate: Dazed & Enthused)

Everything I Do, I Tiramisu

You can sell me anything with a Bryan Adams song (Everything I do, I do it for you) and if it’s a nail polish and it’s a pistachio green with blue shimmer, then I’m sold in no time. :) (2 coats, stamping plate: Enchanted)

Hello…Is It Tea You’re Looking For

Hello…Is It Tea You’re Looking For is a bluish mint with some pink and gold shimmer…and some Lionel Richie. <3 (2 coats, stamping plate: Dazed & Enthused – and my favourite pattern)

Love At First Bite

The other very girly shade is Love At First Bite, somewhere between pink and purple and with some coppery gold microshimmer. (2 coats, stamping plate: Enchanted)

Mama Said They’d Be Glaze Like That

I really enjoy grey polishes all year around and yes, I think that “spring grey” is a real thing. :) Even more if it has pink shimmer in it. The name of the polish is inspired by a The Shirelles song which now I won’t be able to get out of my head for a few days I’m afraid. (2 coats, stamping plate: Dazed & Enthused)

Olive You Long Time

And here we have the only shade of this collection that I’m not a big fan of. I can see that it’s beautiful with its gorgeous multichrome flakes and gold shimmer, but olive green is not really my thing in spring is all.  (2 coats, stamping plate: Enchanted – okay, well, with the stamping I already start to like it anyway. :D)

Tea Amor-Etto

And finally we have my absolute favourite of the bunch: Tea Amor-Etto. <3 It’s a true periwinkle blue with purple shimmer and blue microflakes. (2 coats, stamping plate: Enchanted)

The High & Mightea collection’s shades are available at Delush Polish ($8,95 – $9,75) or at the stockists. I suggest you take a look at the glitter half of the collection too, I really really like Breakfast At Tea-Ffany’s, I Like Big Buns & I Cannoli Lie and Stir Mix A Lot. And they have a lot of crazy exciting polishes in their older collections too – I can’t really wear these giant glitters, but I’ll HAVE TO order something from their Dames of Thrones collection. :):) And I recommend their stamping platess too, since they work very well. :)

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  • Suncrow - 2016-04-10 - 12:25

    Well, I’m not a greenish girl, but… but… Everything I Do, I Tiramisu and Olive You Long Time stole my heartReplyCancel

  • Naildith - 2016-04-11 - 13:10

    They all look great on you :) Tea Amor – Etto is my favorite aswell. But I think all of these shades won’t match my skintone very well. Sadly because Dame Of Thrones and the Scream Supreme are some of my favorite collections of all time :)ReplyCancel

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