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Be warned: I’m totally in love with this collection! :)

Glam Polish found inspiration in the island of Hawaii to create the No Lei-Overs! collection. You know, all that jazz: flower garlands (also known as leis), aloha, hula and Lilo & Stitch. I wish I was surrounded by all these hawaiian clichés now.

The collection has 6 shades, but why, oh why, it should have 9 or even 12, I wouldn’ mind for a second. <3

Waikiki Wahine

Waikiki Wahine (wahine means woman or wife in maori) has a magenta base with purple flakies in it – I’ll have a cocktail with these colors, thanks.

Hibiscus Hideaway

Hibiscus Hideaway has the most perfect formula ever. Seriously. With lots of polishes in my drawers and a sometimes not-so-functioning memory, I dare say that this polish is one of the bests I’ve ever tried. It’s crazy pigmented, spreads on the nails like a dream (almost auto-applies) and doesn’t stain. Love, love love.

Hanalei Sunset

One of my other favourites (with 5 of the 6 being my favourite) is Hanalei Sunset. It has a dark jelly purple base with blue, purple and magenta glitters. It applies easily, the glitters spread evenly and it’s a two-coater. And the glitters don’t stick out of the surface after one coat of top coat.

Lanikai Dreaming

The next three polishes have the exact same finish: a colored holo base with tons of colourful glitters. Lanikai Dreaming has a nude/gold base and its glitters are mainly matte pink and white. It covers in two coats, but has a pretty rough surface even after two coats of top coat.

Lei’d In Lahaina

Lei’d In Lahaina (now that’s what I call a tongue-twister) has a raspberry base with pink, white, orange and some blue glitters.

Hawaii Kai

And my favourite of the bunch, Hawaii Kai, has a turquoise base with blue, green and turquoise glitters. *_* I tried to apply one coat of it over a teal base and it looked awesome, so I say these last three are perfect for some layering too. :)

I wish I could go on and on, but unfortunately we don’t have any more polishes in this collection. These six shades and the 9 of the Truly Outrageous (<3<3<3) collection will be my absolute favourotes this summer. <3

Ordering and shipping info: 

Europe – you can order these polishes from April 29 8pm CET at Glam Polish (shipping is $13.60 for the first polish and extra $3.30 for each additional). Or you can wait until the collection arrives at Hypnotic Polish.

USA – Launch Time – 2pm EDT Friday 29th April, shipping to USA $3.80 USD for the first polish and an extra $1.00 for each addition polish. Australia – Launch Time – 4am AEST Saturday 30th April. Shipping to Australia $2.00 USD flat rate or free shipping for orders over $40 USD please use code FREESHIPAUSTRALIA at checkout.

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  • Naildith - 2016-04-27 - 08:30

    Such a gorgeous collection *-* My favorite is Hanalei Sunset. Sadly I won’t get my hands on it since Hypnotic Polish and Glam Polish doesn’t ship to Switzerland anymore :(ReplyCancel

    • Naildith - 2016-04-27 - 08:32

      Oh and Taurus is gorgeous too :) There were only two more Zodiac shades left and now I can’t get my hands on them anymore. So sad :(ReplyCancel

      • lakkomlakkom - 2016-04-28 - 08:54

        Omg, but why? o_O Why don’t they ship to Switzerland?! It’s so sad. :( I understand your disappointment, I would be very upset if that happened to me.
        I’de be happy to help you, if I can somehow?ReplyCancel

        • lakkomlakkom - 2016-04-28 - 09:05

          Feel free to email me, so we can talk about it. ;)ReplyCancel

  • […] really trust my memory – maybe there was something even more amazing? :D Okay, the No Lei-overs collection. And the Truly Outrageous one. And the Alphabet City. :D). We have six shades, each of […]ReplyCancel

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